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Unparalleled Customer Service

ExamGuru staff is available seven days a week to answer any questions that you have before or after you purchase a subscripton.

Targeted Shelf Exam Prep

We aren’t interested in teaching you trivial information that is unlikely to show up on the shelf exams. Our authors and editors have included only the material that is likely to be tested on the shelf exam that you are taking.


Keep track of whether or not you’re changing incorrect answers to correct ones so that you are not second guessing yourself on test day.


See how you’re doing on time for each question and overall compared to your peers. The last thing you want to do is learn the material but run out of time. These metrics will help you avoid that.


Your score on each question, exam, category, and task is compared to your peers’ scores in order to make sure that you’re scoring above average before you take the shelf exam.

Graphical Representation

Numbers are cool, but we’ve included graphs to show how you’re doing over time and be able to easily identify areas that need more focus before test day.

Score Reset

If you want to do all of the questions again, just click a button and you’ll get a new score to track and compare to your original score.

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Why keep your shelf exam notes in a separate place? Store them on our platform and review them from anywhere before you take the exam.
The platform is fully mobile and tablet responsive so that you can study for any device with WiFi or mobile coverage.